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Spark Collaboration

Unfold, enhance and reinvent the way your team is engaging

Focus on new ways of collaborating. At Global LEAP you will find true expertise on bringing virtual synergy to your online team, guidance as you adopt future of work practices, and always a passionate, inclusive facilitation approach. 

Learning: Exhibit a readiness to grow. Expand your skills and mindset (online & face-to-face).

Engagement: Rally your team. Involve and empower people in their remote and in-person collaboration.

Agility: Adopt an agile worldview. Reinvent work practices and dip into the future of work.

Practice: Link to the real world. Run experiments and acquire tangible learnings to implement at work.


Collaboration & Innovation

oferings- empower engaged

Reinvent Work Practices

The way we work is evolving. To keep up, we must explore new ways to collaborate and new work practices - often called Culture Hacks - in order to be ready to adapt to the future of work. Reinventing decision making processes and opening up for self-organizing amongst colleagues are key components for Teal and agile organizations. Check out LEAP lab for inspiration from work place pioneers.

Remote Team Collaboration

Remote synergy in our online teams doesn’t come automatically. We have to embrace the tools and processes to build environments that enable successful online collaboration. Working Out Loud and creating a sense of cohesive team are essential components to a Remote First Mindset. Moving into Remote Work 3.0 it is time for new individual strategies and team skills.


Global Reach

With a long-standing fascination for cultures – organizational and other, I have been bridging cultures and distances for years. Let me help you tap into the valuable insight and potential of your diverse, global team. I can work directly with your team or you can book me as a speaker for your conference, strategy meeting, or team retreat. My talks - online or f2f - are future gazing, thought provoking, and with global focus.


Facilitate the Dialog

Complex work challenges require a different kind of problem-solving. By utilizing Open Space Technology and Liberating Structures complex challenges can be solved by tapping into your organization’s collective knowledge. We need to do this successfully in a remote setting - want to learn how to design and run exceptional remote events? Become a SAVVY Virtual Facilitator or learn The ART of Curating Remote gatherings.



Generate ideas by tapping into the wisdom of the crowd. Experience the art of hosting powerful group processes using liberating structures and open space technology

I’m a curious soul who lives, breathes, thrives - and advances - new tools, techniques and team approaches that empower collaboration. I support remote, global and local teams to create an environment that stimulates innovation and engaged collaboration among colleagues.


My aim is to help folks reevaluate what drives their team. I will give suggestions on how to revamp traditional management tools; how to utilize the cultural mix of global and local teams; and how to harness the engagement of dispersed, virtual collaboration. 


Through my project LEAP Lab I'm constantly learning and pulling those learnings into my work. LEAP laboratory is an explorative lab driven by curiosity to learn from the many experiments currently happening in our workplaces around the world. Follow conversations with changemakers who are experimenting with inspiring ways to rethink the notion of work and collaboration.

Meet Line Mørkbak

Global LEAP

Line Morkbak8 Aug2020.jpg
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Member of the
Happy Melly Network
Speaker & Expert
Collaborative Superpowers Certified Facilitator
Member of The Happy
Startup School
Certified Management
3.0 Facilitator
Liberating Structures Practitioner (in-person
& online)


Want to develop engaged collaboration and spark innovation in your remote team?

Line Mørkbak

Facilitator of Global Collaboration

 +1 503 689 5939

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