Line Mørkbak

Facilitator of Global Collaboration

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LEAP laboratory 

I am on a mission to discover powerful workplace innovations across the globe.


For this mission I have created LEAP laboratory and I’d like to share what I learn with you.

LEAP laboratory is a explorative lab driven by curiosity  to learn from the many experiments currently happening in our workplaces around the world.

And I invite you to join me!

video BLOG

I am interviewing and having conversations with changemakers who are experimenting with inspiring ways to rethink workplace structures and collaboration. Opening up new paths for us to exchange ideas.


The intent is for LEAP laboratory to be a loudspeaker, an amplifier, a channel you can tune into to learn about the powerful workplace innovations happening right now.

I will share my discoveries in a monthly vlog and ongoing blog posts. This will be a chance to learn, discover, and be inspired! I invite you to join this exploration.

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​​I personally believe the magic happens when ideas are being shared.

The wildest projects, the boldest visions, the most daring experiments - they happen when we exchange thoughts and together feel (and share) the inspiration to move into actions.

Let’s make magic happen at our workplaces!