Powerful Workplace Innovations 

are happening in organizations around

the globe. LEAP laboratory allows for the discovery of inspiring ways to rethink

the way we work.

A little while back I created LEAP laboratory. 


LEAP lab is an explorative lab driven by curiosity to learn from the many experiments currently happening in our workplaces around the world. Here you can follow conversations with changemakers who are experimenting with inspiring ways to rethink the notion of work and collaboration.

Inspiring work hacks  to rethink workplace structures and collaboration.

You are invited to join me!​

LEAP Lab features my conversations with change-makers who eagerly embrace innovation.

These are founders, team members, middle managers, and individuals who seek to drive change. These workplace pioneers have valuable insights and enthusiastically embrace rethinking big or small work practices and are forging new paths for the exchange of ideas, and how we are organized at work. Let’s learn from them!







LEAP LAB is intended to be a channel where you can tune in to learn about the powerful workplace innovations happening right now.

Through LEAP Lab I am constantly learning new concepts to include in my work with clients. My work around Culture Hacks will provide you with inspiration from cutting edge teams who embrace progressive work cultures.  These inspiring work practices support the cultural transformation to move teams and organizations towards an agile, self-organized mindset.

I share my discoveries from LEAP Lab interviews in ongoing blog posts with embedded video snippets. They provide a chance to learn, discover, and be inspired! I invite you to join this exploration. 



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