Utilizing global network and broad range of expertise

On larger client projects or very complex work projects I pull in additional experts and colleagues to be part of the work. Sometimes it is as co-facilitators or as backend designers of the solution. I collaborate with global partners from various professional backgrounds (some different and some similar to my own) but when I pull in partners it’s always with the aim of expanding the outcome for clients. Here is a short presentation of my core partners:

Andrea Strohmayr

Service Designer for Change, Remote Savvy Facilitator

Lisette Sutherland
Director, Author and Remote Worker par Excellence 
Collaborative Superpowers

Ron Quartel

Software Craftsman, Agile Coach, Management Consultant Fast Agile

April Jefferson

Curator of Spaces

Jonathan Lewis

Human Workplaces,

Organization Design, Unlocking Collective intelligence

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Line Mørkbak

Facilitator of Global Collaboration

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