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Evolve your
Workplace Culture

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Collaboration, facilitation and async skills for an engaging remote-first culture

Remote Collaboration

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I step in as a dedicated partner on your People & Culture Team


Expert in Residence

Create hybrid synergy  between remote
and co-located        colleagues

Hybrid Work

Create a workplace culture of belonging. Focus on new ways of collaborating. I'm here to help and will bring expertise on bringing virtual synergy to your online team, guidance as you adopt future of work practices, and always with a passionate, inclusive facilitation approach.

oferings- empower engaged


Generate ideas by tapping into the wisdom of the crowd. Experience the art of hosting powerful group processes using liberating structures and open space technology

I am a curious soul who is passionate about co-creation, bold ideas, and quirky, less traditional ways to approach a challenge. I describe myself as a Workplace Enthusiast. 

I work with progressive organizations that are curious and ready to transform the way they work. Sometimes my work is as a Culture Developer and supporting collaboration when teams are hybrid, remote, and/or global, and other time  I support as a Facilitator or as an Advisor. I'm very excited for the in-house projects where I step in as an Expert in Residence, a dedicated partner on your People & Culture Team who supports the implementation of new work practices.

I have had the pleasure to work with global as well as local organizations such as Mojang Studios, Lego, OVH Cloud, RAIN Catalysts, HERE Technologies, Umpqua Valley Arts, and Siemens Wind Power. And then there is my past project LEAP Lab (conversations with changemakers who are rethinking how we work).

I have lived and worked globally all of my professional life. I am a nomad at heart and have set up my work to be done from anywhere.

Meet Line Mørkbak
Workplace Enthusiast

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Meet Line
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FaST Agile Nascent-This digital credential was issued by FaST Academy to Line Mørkbak_edit
Certified FaST
Facilitator & Coach
Open Space & Liberating Structures Facilitator
Certified Coaching
the IBI by Aperian
Licensed Facilitator badge v3.png
Speaker & Expert
Collaborative SP 
Certified Facilitator
Certified Management
3.0 Facilitator
Experience Designer

I'm curious to learn more about how I can support you and your workplace culture

Line Mørkbak

Workplace Enthusiast

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