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Speaking Engagement

Future gazing, thought provoking, energizing

Conferences, strategy meetings, planning days, team retreats and company days aim to inspire and to unlock a vision of the future, no matter whether they take place online or face to face.

I work with organizations that are reinventing the way we work – around the globe and across a large variety of industries (remote and in person). And I’m ready to share my learnings and insights to support your organization in designing their own way forward.

Here are a few of my most popular talks:

  • Remote Work 3.0 - Game changing practices

  • Future of Work is HERE - How to incorporate new ways of working

  • The Art of Curating Remote Events - Our Creative Potential

  • Our workplaces are taking off but to where? - Findings from LEAP Lab

  • Virtual Fireworks - When online collaboration creates sparks

  • Holding Space - SAVVY facilitation of remote meetings and events

  • Hacking your Culture - Revamp your team culture one experiment at a time

  • Global Spice - Utilize the cultural mix of your team

This list is constantly evolving, so check in with me in case your topic is not (yet) on here. Any speaking engagement is designed to meet your organization’s needs 100%. Pick and choose what is of interest for your event and I will create my contribution to exceed your audience’s expectations. 




Inspiration originates not only from the topics I share but equally from the way I deliver keynotes, speeches, or other contributions.


As a savvy facilitator, I value participatory approaches over talking at people and love to engage any crowd – small or large – in an active dialogue.


Sparking vivid Q&As and captivating conversations among participants I enjoy moving the communication in any group forward. 



Keynote Topics

that strike the right tone for your next company event

If you are looking for something more intriguing than the same old agenda or the same old pre-rehearsed off-the-shelf speech, you are in the right place.

Book me as a speaker if you wish to:

  • Energize your conference with a keynote built on active audience involvement.

  • Set the tone for your strategy meeting through future-gazing and brain-teasing. 

  • Create a can-do attitude for your team focus day with experiments from cutting edge organizations.

  • Enrich your event or meet up with a combination of the newest data and real client cases.

  • Move the communication in your group forward by engaging in new inclusive formats.


Hands-on experience, competitive insight, and research – it is this diversity of perspectives that is at the heart of any speech I deliver, and any keynote I craft. What is the perspective you are looking for?


Curious by nature, I have a long-standing fascination for cultures – organizational and other. I have been bridging cultures and distances through global living and remote work for over 20 years. And helped teams set themselves up for successful remote collaboration since 2011 through online talks and presentations. 

Over the past decades, I have had the pleasure of working with many successful organizations including Novo Nordisk, Vestas Wind Systems, Siemens, and Lego. I have worked with entrepreneurs that are forging their own path ahead and with traditional corporates that are reinventing the way they collaborate.
I am involved in the Future of Work meetup and annual conference in NW USA and am actively contributing to what this future might look like. I am the founder of LEAP Lab , an inspirational place to conduct my own research where I meet with and interview visionaries, change-makers and future builders in organizations that are modeling the future of work right now, every day.

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Want to develop engaged collaboration and spark innovation in your team?


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