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Remote Collaboration 

– give your business a collaborative edge

Remote work opens opportunities that were unthinkable for many organizations and teams only a short while ago. Done well, virtual collaboration can help your business jump the curve. 


I have been experimenting with ways to improve online teamwork since 2009. I support forward-thinking organizations in turning a perceived obstacle into a tangible and creative opportunity. 


Pick your focus and let’s turn remote working into a competitive advantage for your organization!


Curate Remote Events 

Board retreats, annual conferences, virtual team buildings or large Open Space gatherings – don’t leave your important event up to chance or inexperience. Tap into more than a decade of experience in facilitating and designing engaging virtual events to ensure your organization’s crucial gatherings have the impact you want. 

Improve Remote Skills

Start your successful Work From Anywhere future now. Develop your online work practices and benefit from a remote mind- and skillset which will bring productivity and enjoyment to YOU and your team. Join a workshop as an individual or as a team and overcome virtual working traps by learning inspirational practices from remote pioneers and their companies. 

Build a Remote Culture

Successful remote collaboration hinges on a number of factors – online skills, the right tools and a remote mindset. I support you in identifying what is keeping your team from performing at its best, in selecting and setting up the collaboration tools best fit to support your workplace’s goals, and in winning hearts and minds on the journey towards a remote-first culture. 


New Game, New Rules

– Remote is NOT business as usual

Approached with the right kind of mindset, going remote can be a unique opportunity to establish the kind of collaboration you always dreamed of. Redefine how you want to work together, write your own set of rules and create alignment around your team’s common vision.


Virtual collaboration done right means remote synergy and looks like this:


  • A remote team connected by mutual trust and support rather than proximity

  • An environment that is inviting different perspectives and turning diversity into a competitive advantage

  • A workplace full of engaged people that thoroughly enjoy working with each other

  • A team dedicated to achieving a common goal


Start now and create a virtual organization where it simply doesn’t matter where you are based, as long as you show up for the team.

Inspiring, engaging, effective – remote collaboration can be all of that and more


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