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Facilitator of Global Collaboration

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Become a Savvy Virtual Facilitator


Create Space for Engaging Collaboration

This four-week online workshop will give you the tools, techniques, inspiration

and hands-on practice to understand the challenges of an

online work environment and how to overcome through creative

and engaging collaboration that brings the team together 

no matter where they are physically located

Learn Through Theory and Practice

Learn to facilitate not only virtual meetings but also the workflow

and team communication required to find success

in a virtual environment

The Lessons

Session 1

Virtual facilitation design 101


Embrace a new way to think about everything 

Session 2

Engage Online

Facilitation Techniques

Go beyond just the meeting

  • Pre-meeting introductions & input

  • Engage entire team during meetings 

  • Encouraging ongoing post-meeting interaction

Session 3

Practice your presence as a virtual facilitator

(+ peer coaching)

Learn to create the space,

design the process, and

select the tools that will

help you the most.

Session 4

Individual coaching

(1-on-1 coaching

with Line)

Ann Cherin, Learning & Engagement Cultivator @ Equal Exchange

"I really enjoyed the mix of presentations, small group conversations, and demonstration of virtual tools.

It gave me the opportunity to learn

and practice hands-on techniques in

virtual collaboration.  "

Veronika Bahnikova, Project Manager

@ Dropbox

"I liked the opportunity to work with different participants in between the sessions which allowed us to observe other styles of virtual communications, and explore other worlds outside of our own work-environment."

What People Say

"Line is expressive, organized, curious, and role modeling every behavior she suggested."

Upcoming Events
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SAVVY Virtual Facilitator | Design and run engaging online events
Online Workshop
SAVVY Virtual Facilitator | Design and run engaging online events
Online Workshop

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Line Mørbak

Facilitator of Global Collaboration

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