No Format Fits All

Let me tailor the right fit for your collaboration and learning needs


A Deliberate Learning Space: To help people absorb new knowledge, their environment needs to support unencumbered, flexible learning. I guide participants through deliberate modules that support experiential learning activities supported by visuals and hands-on activities (in-person or remotely).


I believe spirited, healthy co-creation happens when a savvy facilitator maintains the collaboration space and guides the interaction. 

The Appropriate Learning Format: To help participants fully absorb and implement new content, I evaluate and apply the most fitting learning format. Maybe your group needs an engaging face-to-face workshop, an inspirational keynote presentation, a series of virtual learning sessions to encompass remote participants, or a co-created open-space solution to tap into your most valuable resource: your people.

Current Research and Practical Inspiration: I’m always expanding my repertoire to deliver impactful, engaging learning sessions. I naturally incorporate the latest neuroscience findings—as I’m inspired by the work of Brain Scientist John Medina—helping people stay focused and reflect on the relevance of their current work realities. Liberating Structures is a stable in my toolbox as well as I’m utilizing remote collaboration through visual online boards and other asynchronous channels.

Collaborative Partners: At times, I’ll invite additional experts and colleagues to complement my work. I collaborate with global partners from various professional backgrounds (some different and some similar to my own) but when I pull in partners it’s always with the aim of expanding the outcome for clients.

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