Line Mørkbak

Facilitator of Global Collaboration

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 I gained great cultural workplace insights as Line Mørkbak prepared me prior to lead an international team in a country I had never spent time in. Once I was in place at the Frankfurt headquarters, she helped me further decipher my new work experiences - she particularly helped around strategizing the most effective ways to manage and communicate to a culturally diverse team. This was essential for me as it saved my energy, removed anxiety, and I could stay focused at my new job.

~Josh Englander

  Business Director Marketing Services at MRM//McCANN Germany

Kind Words from Clients

 My husband and I had very unique concerns about our move and Line beautifully balanced our virtual sessions so we both felt equally validated. Line focused on me as an individual, she listened, observed and shared in a very authentic way. Line guides from personal as well as professional experience which allows those of us taking on a big move the grace of exposing fears whilst gaining clarity from her knowledge.

~ Beth Bowers

   Global Citizen looking for support for herself and her family for their

   4th international move.