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Working with each client, it’s my aim to help them reevaluate what drives a team. I give clients suggestions on how to revamp traditional management tools; how to utilize the cultural mix of global and local teams; how to harness the productivity of dispersed, virtual collaboration as well as introduce Improv techniques to build trust among leaders or team members. I also employ best practices from the Agile software community and pull inspiration from Management 3.0.


In short I live, breathe, thrive—and advance—management and team approaches that empower collaboration. I work with local and global teams and organizations as well as their leadership to create an environment that stimulates innovation and engaged collaboration among colleagues.


Always learning and expanding my own knowledge, I find practical and fascinating inspiration from Design Thinking, Innovation Theories, Improv Techniques (view interview “Using Improv as a Powerful Learning Tool”), intercultural theories as well as agile management.


For the past 22 years I have lived and worked around the world, including Denmark, Spain, the UK, and the United States. I speak Danish and English, and hold a Master's in Modern Culture and Cultural Communications from University of Copenhagen. Continuously learning I’ve received extensive professional development, such as Coaching of Global Executives by George Renwick, Global Leadership workshops by Karen Cvitkovich and Dr. Ernest Gundling at Aperian Global as well as certifications in Management 3.0 and virtual team facilitation through Collaboration Superpowers.


In addition to having my work published (Verden Kalder, Global Cultural Guide in Danish), I’ve enjoyed presenting at the Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research (SIETAR) Conference and both ATD’s and PMI’s Northwest Conferences. Throughout my career, I have facilitated interactive programs—both in person and virtually—for various organizations, such as Novo Nordisk, Vestas Wind Systems, John Deere, Lego, Intel, Siemens Wind Power, and USDA.


Currently, I work and live in Portland, Oregon, with my family. I often travel internationally to work with clients.


Interested in collaborating? Please call or email. I’d love to work with you and your team. As you can hear I’m passionate about developing and facilitating practical learning solutions that empower change within teams and organizations.


Also, if you’re on LinkedIn, I invite you to read more about my extensive experience. I would also invite you to read what some of my clients have said about their experience working with me. 

~ Line Mørkbak

Line Mørkbak

Facilitator of Global Collaboration

 +1 503 689 5939

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